Welcome to The Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation

Based in Tustin, California, the mission of the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation is to save lives through water safety education. Our vision is to bring about a reduction in the number of drowning events with the Safer 3 Program, and to support research, education and programs that promote swimming and water safety in California and beyond.

  • Swim safety, not speed, is Olympian Janet Evans' new goal

    Olympic gold medalist is on a crusade to prevent childhood drownings.

  • Safer 3 Messenger Profile: Stephanie Cusack

    The Safer 3 Messengers serve an invaluable purpose to our organization. The Safer 3 Messengers provide the critical "boots on the ground" by educating their communities in order to prevent drownings. Recently, Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation heard of the incredible work that Stephanie Cusack, of Cusack Family Swim School, is doing in her McKinney, Texas community.

  • 9 Kid Swim Safety Mistakes Even Careful Parents Make

    How many parents have made one of these mistakes? "People think it can’t happen to my child. But it happens every day to someone’s child."